Dentistry: Where Science Meets Art

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Dentistry has often been regarded as “where science meets art”.  In this ever-changing world of technology, dentistry has benefited dramatically.  Most specifically in the area of implant dentistry.

In the past, when a patient lost a tooth due to infection or disease, bridges and dentures were typically recommended.  Nowadays, we have learned that the survival rate of a bridge or denture is dramatically lower than that of a dental implant(s).

When patients hear of the success rate of these dental implants vs. a bridge or denture, they are much more willing to invest the time and money to get a more predictable result that lasts years and years.

The world of dentistry has embraced this shift in treatment and the technology out there to support this shift is fascinating.  Cone beam technology (3D images) is replacing the traditional (2D) dental x-rays when it comes to implant dentistry  and endodontics (root canal therapy).

We can actually map out your nerves so we know exactly (within millimeters) where to place a dental implant.  This 3D imaging can also be used during root canal therapy to help the dentist see the tooth better, which helps with instrumentation, and finds any extra nerves a tooth may have.

The use of 3D printers is also used as an adjunct to help in the placement of those dental implants. 3D printers are used to make implant surgical guides, crowns, and even clear aligner braces (Invisalign).

It is this type of technology that makes our jobs fun, but more importantly, we are able to provide safer, more predictable, and longer lasting treatments for our patients.

Next time you are in for your dentist appointment please don’t hesitate to ask about what’s new at our offices and how that can improve your treatment.

-The Doctors at Blue Ridge Dental Center in Minnetonka and Maple Grove, MN