If an emergency situation happens, contact our Maple Grove or Minnetonka dentist office as soon as possible. We will make sure you receive immediate attention from one of our dentists.

The details provided below are informational only.  Always consult a dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Q. How do I stop the bleeding?

A. For bleeding after a baby tooth falls out, fold a piece of gauze and place it (tightly) over the bleeding area. Have your son or daughter bite down on the gauze for 15 minutes. See a dentist or visit urgent care if the bleeding continues.

For a cut or bitten tongue, lip or cheek apply gentle, firm pressure with sterile gauze or a clean cloth. Go to an emergency room if the bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes.

Q. What do I do with a broken wire on my braces?

A. Remove any broken part of your braces only IF it comes out easily. Use gauze, chewing gum, wax or cotton balls to cover any sharp or uncomfortable wire edge. If wire is caught in your gums, cheek or tongue, see a dentist immediately

Q. It feels like I’ve broken my jaw, what should I do?

A. The most important thing to do is stabilize your jaw to keep your airways open. Gently tie your mouth closed with a tie, handkerchief or towel. Visit an emergency room immediately.

Q. I broke my tooth! What do I do?

A. Use warm water to rinse your mouth then put a cold compress over the facial area of the injury. Gather broken tooth fragments and get to a dentist for immediate attention.

Q. When do I see a dentist for a canker sore?

A. Over the counter medications do a good job of relieving the virus symptoms. If your mouth sore lasts a week or longer, see a dentist.

Q. I have such a tooth ache, what can I do for relief?

A. Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water to clean your mouth of any trapped food. Apply a cold compress to any area of facial swelling. For temporary pain relief acetaminophen is recommended. See a dentist as soon as possible.

Q. What do I do if permanent tooth is knocked out?

A. Time is of the essence to save the tooth. Pick up the tooth by the crown (enamel portion) and NOT the root. If it’s dirty rinse it in milk, saline or saliva. Get to the dentist immediately for advice and treatment.