Advanced 3D Printed Dental Implants in Minnesota

3D Printed Dental Implants in Minnetonka and Maple Grove Minnesota - Blue Ridge Dental Center

Advances in dental education and technology have helped people keep their own teeth longer than ever before.  While this is true, did you know that the average adult between the ages of 20 and 65 has at least 3 decayed or missing teeth?  If you are missing a tooth there are a number of reasons why it should be replaced.  A missing tooth will affect the way you smile, speak, and eat and it can also cause drifting of your other teeth and eventual tooth loss.

The dentists at Blue Ridge Dental Centers in Minnetonka and Maple Grove specialize in providing multiple options for replacing missing teeth.  Of all the options available, dental implants have become the most similar to a natural tooth. In fact, dental implants are becoming the standard of care for restoring a single or multiple missing teeth as they deliver the same look and function of natural teeth.  Dental implants can be used to support a single crown, a full set of teeth or even to support a denture.  The experienced doctors and team at Blue Ridge Dental Center have become experts at not only restoring dental implants but surgically placing them as well.

Through the use of 3d imaging, specialized software, and 3d printing, Blue Ridge Dental Centers can provide an implant supported restoration that is in the ideal position functionally and aesthetically.  3D imaging and planning has allowed implant procedures to be precise and painless and they are easy to maintain and can last the rest of your life. This can all be done at both of our convenient Blue Ridge Dental Center locations!  Please call one of our offices to schedule a free consultation and find out how you can improve your health and smile with dental implants from the professionals at Blue Ridge Dental Centers in Minnetonka and Maple Grove, MN.