Teeth Bleaching: What’s the best way?

There are several ways to brighten or whiten teeth. They all work and are safe when used properly.

Among the most popular techniques are strips, custom trays, and direct application of bleach gel to the teeth by a dental professional at the office (ZOOM).

Whitening strips are clear strips that come preloaded with gel and a mild adhesive. Patients put the strips over their teeth and wear them for about an hour. This technique usually takes about 2-3 weeks because the bleach in these is fairly weak so it takes more time to whiten. It is also tricky to keep the strips in place, especially at the gum line, which tends to be the darkest area of the teeth.

The custom tray method delivers a stronger bleaching gel to the enamel via a custom tray, and is our most popular method. The custom tray fits perfect, can be reused many times, and delivers the bleach uniformly to the entire tooth, especially at the darker gum line area. When you need more bleaching gel, you simply pick up more at our office.

The in-office Zoom technique takes the shortest amount of time and effort for the patient. With this technique, a dental professional applies a light-activated bleaching gel directly to the enamel while protecting the gum tissue. Since this method uses the strongest bleaching gel, you can have lighter, brighter teeth in less than two hours. Custom trays are included for maintenance.

If you have been wishing for whiter, more attractive teeth, call our office today and we can determine which method is best suited for you.


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Dr. Olson is an experienced dentist who enjoys esthetic dentistry; helping patients achieve a smile they’re proud of.