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Dental Assistant in Minnetonka Lynn Bode - Blue Ridge Dental Center Minnetonka


Lynn started working at Blue Ridge Dental in the summer of 2017. Her primary responsibility is Financial Coordinator, butshe also helps with administrative tasksand works at the front desk. Lynn has been a Registered Dental Assistant since 2001,and continues to assist our dentists. Lynn enjoys working closely with patients to understand their specific needs. Her…



Abbey starting working with Blue Ridge Dental in the summer of 2014, and primarily works with Dr. Wilkes. She enjoys the variety of procedures we do; implants and Invisalign are her favorites. Outside of work, her interests include fishing at her parent’s cabin, hunting, kayaking, family (which includes her crazy Great Dane puppy), spending time…



Jen has been part of the Blue Ridge Dental team since 1984. She works both as a Dental Assistant, as well as helping out with administrative tasks.  Jen enjoys helping improve smiles, and treats patients like family. Her favorite hobby is planting both vegetable and flower gardens.  During the summer, she enjoys spending time with her…


Amy M

Amy has been a Dental Assistant at Blue Ridge since 1994. She enjoys interacting with patients and strives to make their experiences as comfortable & fun as possible. Her primary focus outside of the practice is her family (which includes her dear Puggle, Gordy & her potty-trained bunny Bart). Amy is married, and mother to…



Carly has been Assisting since 2005, and started with Blue Ridge Dental in August 2011 She loves the tight-knit family feel at Blue Ridge Dental! Carly is mom to two baby girls, ages 1 and 3 years old. She enjoys watching them learn and grow, or just taking to them to parks or other fun…



Sarah joined the Blue Ridge Dental team in 2005.  She is a Licensed Dental Assistant and works primarily with Dr. McHugh.  Outside of work, Sarah enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband and son.

Lynn W Dental Assistant and Administrator in Minnetonka - Blue Ridge Dental Centers


Lynn began working at Blue Ridge Dental  in 1994, moved away in 1997, and then returned to work with us again in 2000.  Lynn works with Drs. Olson, Klecker and Shragg.  She enjoys the variety dental assisting offers, and has a special interest in learning new procedures to create beautiful aesthetic smiles for our patients….