Who We Are

In Words of Our Happy Smiling Clients

Would you recommend us to others? If so, what would you say about us?

  • “Yes. Friendly, competent, caring, reasonable.”
  • “Yes. Great Full Family Dental Care – no need for Ped Dentist :)”
  • “Absolutely! I would say that everyone is nice and friendly and that you all do a great job. I feel that Dr. Mc Hugh is easy to talk to and listens to my concerns and always takes time to answer my questions.”
  • “Easy to get to,clean, polite, available when needed, considerate.”
  • “I love how personable everyone is there. It’s nice casual and they are always on time.”
  • Yes, professional, experienced, skilled, caring and friendly atmosphere.
  • Yes. You guys are great!

What is the most important criterion in choosing a dentist?

  • “Competence.”
  • “Good at their work, kind, gentle, personable.”
  • “An excellent bedside manners.”
  • “Knowing that they have me and my family always in their best interest.”
  • “Ethical.”
  • “Warm and friendly atmosphere.”

What do you like the most about our practice?

  • “Friendly and thorough care.”
  • “Knowledgeable and friendly staff and providers.”
  • “Polite consideration and availability.”
  • “It’s a family there. Everyone is so great and helpful. We love going there.”
  • “Being treated like family.”
  • “Dr McHugh is very good, never hurts us. Staff is great!”

Is there a way we could improve our practice or service?

  • “None that I can think of!”
  • “None that I can think of. We love coming!”
  • “It’s really great when calling a “real live” person answers the phone.”
  • “Get TVs on the ceiling :)”
  • “Figure out how to get teens floss.”
  • “We can’t think of any improvement needed.”